Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Profound Facebook Status

I noticed that the profound facebook status has gotten extremely popular. Since we as Americans are unable to portray our mind blowing genius through stimulating conversation, we have naturally resorted to sporadically spreading tidbits of it through the plethora of possibilities offered by social networking.

Recent examples:

"no one gets to live life's best to look ahead b/c that's where the future lies"

"If one takes confidence in everyone elses opinion, then how will one ever be able to take confidence in their own.

However profound these statements may sound, the fact that I know these people as well as the motivation behind their status completely negates the profoundness of their entire statement.

To the first statement I reply:
"If you weren't such a dumb bitch that falls in love and sleeps with every guy that says hi to you on the bus, then maybe you wouldn't desire to live life backwards as much!"

To the second I say:
"Stop being such a fuckin hippie douchebag that tries to sound profound with everything you say. If your acoustic guitar could be any tool it would be you."

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